Flattering spam

Call me slow or perhaps just susceptible to kindness but it’s taken me a while to get to the point where I am suspicious about the comments I have been recieving. Of course there are some that are obviously spam – those in strange scripts and foreign languages look unlikely to be genuine. Likewise there are some long medical explanations that look suspicioulsy like gobbledook and some very short comments that mean nothing, not to mention the odd sexual reference.

All go in the bin.

What fooled me for a w hile though were the following examples:

Awesome site! Did you design it yourself?
I’m thinking of starting a blog – can you give me somem pointers?
Loved the site! I shall be back soon.
Can I use a link from your site?
Are you making this up as you go along? (whatever that is supposed to meran)

My guess is that some of these may be genuine; the trouble is that a heck of a lot of them seem to be appear time and again with very little change in the wording and usually in a block of comments made against different articles, and of course it cannot be coincidence that apparently different people make identical comments. Some of them ask questions, such as – would I welcome a contribution from them as guest blogger? I have never had a response to my reply.

Anyway long story short my guess is that there is a piece of software out there that disguises spam in the shape of these comments and questions. I am investigating the various antispam engines but in the mesantime I shall not be approving any post that I have seen before using the same or similar wording.

Having said that I really welcome genuine comments, especially if anyone knows of some really good prefereably free anti spamming software!

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