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Chapter 3: Claims Online

The screen faded leaving behind only the pulsating message in red – We can help. After a few seconds, the dark brown tones of the voice-over actor, familiar somehow but still too hard to identify, spoke softly and reassuringly. ‘Just … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Sandpit : Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Last Resort The tortured screaming from the tiny plane’s engine had started to make his teeth ache and he wondered what the chances were that some mechanical failure would cause the flimsy craft to fall out of … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Sandpit

Chapter 1 Kristin ‘The Virgin Islands? Are you crazy? Where the hell are they anyway? And why would I want to go there?’ She glared at him, her deep brown eyes showing her hurt, knowing he hadn’t told her everything. … Continue reading

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